ARS Liquid Damaged Revival

Liquid Damage requires the complete disassembly of the computer and the removal and cleaning of all connections to remove corrosion. First step is to disconnect the battery to prevent any ongoing electrical circuitry damage. The computer is cleaned by hand and then via a heated ultrasonic bath and then treated and baked in a precisely controlled infra red oven.

A diagnostic is

then conducted with Reference Parts i.e., keyboard, display, Hard drive etc and if the logic board is functioning with our reference parts.

At this point Logic-Board figures will be checked by reading each affected and not affected component using schematic view of the PCB, failed components will be exchanged and re-soldered and then all the original remaining system parts are treated and cleaned and then reassembled. Once a system is reassembled a full system stress test and Apple diagnostic tests are conducted to ensure any intermittent issues are identified.

Its rare but it can happen that a fault can occur even after going through the full process. Its important to note that rescuing a system from liquid intrusion takes careful and dedicated technical work which takes time to complete. Some faults which only involve a small amount of liquid can be resolved with only the service.
Other systems will need to have some or all parts replaced. I/O Board, Keyboard, Track Pad, Battery, etc can all sometimes need to be replaced.