Cash flow management and accountability are important aspects of operations for any business. With accurate records of transactions coupled with proper assessment and processing, business owners can have a firm foundation from which they can make decisions and plan their business' growth. Recording and understanding the basic financial needs of any business such as sales,

Wake Up to Bias

Bias is not something that people are dying to talk about. I sure do not want to think I am biased. After all, one of the most important things to me personally is supporting people to be their very best. I am committed to ALL people- so how could I hold biases? Exception, I do,

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is not fresh news. It has become one of the top rated and most popular games world-wide. What really is this craze and crave for Pokémon Go? The popular Nintendo-built Pokémon which exploded in fame around the late 90s, has revived the game world with its latest GO version, and is taking the

SMAC Stack Framework

In today’s digital world, if a customer is at the heart of a business, technology is at the heart of marketing efforts. No matter how good your product or solution is, it hardly makes any sense, what makes sense is, keeping pace with customers’ expectations. In recent years customer expectations are rising faster because of

Gurgaon – a big player in India's real estate sector – has been grappling with difficult times especially since 2015, and in 2016 the sales volumes for properties in Gurgaon further went down and new unit launches were limited in the city. Further, demonetization during the end of 2016 further affected developers in Gurgaon like

PS4 vs PC Graphics Comparison

The Sony PlayStation 4 games console shares much of its hardware technology with the personal computer. We take a look at how it compares with a gaming computer in terms of price and performance. The PS4 uses a graphics processing unit (GPU) based on the Radeon HD 7000 series of PC graphics cards that are

There are many notions floating around on what types of projects, what sizes and what kinds of projects can be offshore. There are as many myths surrounding them as real true stories. How to sift the wheat from the chaff? For example, many small to medium-sized businesses believe that offshore software development is really meant

Top 3 Video Marketing Trends for 2017

As we dive further into a new year, it's time to think about the marketing trends that will dominate this year and how you can use them to increase the reach of your brand. Visual marketing is increasingly where it's at in a world where we are surrounded almost 24/7 by phone screens, tablet screens,

Acer Aspire One BIOS Recovery

The Acer Aspire One has its own built-in BIOS recovery routine, allowing it possible to flash the BIOS even when the system doesn’t boot anymore. It’s feature meant only for emergencies it may void your warranty, so use at your own risk. Execute every step carefully! Step 1 : Format an USB stick with FAT

For all of the adrenaline-seekers and race car fans out there, the Homestead-Miami Speedway offers everyone the opportunity to burn rubber on the same cement slabs that legends Jimmie Johnson and Danica Patrick, just to name a few, have graced with their very own tire tread marks! Johnson himself has been crowned NASCAR Sprint Cup